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It's been almost a month!

  • Posted: Monday, August 11, 2008
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  • Author: christy~chamcham

Okie, life had been very interesting. Yes, VERY interesting. In fact, life before was fun now it's just dream comes true. I am having a lot of changes according to one of my friend. Physically, everybody notice that I am changing(some part of me is, the rest still the same).

So what happened for the past month, other than me changing.
I got my first salary, and which was cool! And I used 1/4 of it to shop for clothes, which was much cooler than getting it. And I loved the clothes which I got to reward myself. I bought 5 blouses and a jean short pants. Next month, I'm gonna buy new shoe. :D (and oh yeah, the rest of the money goes into my bank account)

I am getting better and better at work. I know how to do alot of things which I didn't know how to do before. Still figure out things. Sometimes I don't get the chance to really work with real customer's hair. SOmetimes I do, when there's really no choice, and I am the only option when there's bunch of other customer's waiting.

I learnt how to actually communicate with the customers. Sharing about my personal life and their life was not a big deal. All the woman(Majority are aunties.) who came in the salon, got their own story. Few short sentence, can acutally make out alot of stories. Pretty cool to know more about them, and compared with them.

Well, other than that, I do learn to apply time with my job. I estimate how long does it take for me to do a task, and who can continue my work, and who I can continue their work. But I must say, my schedule after work is a mess! I didn't go to church for more than a month because I was too busy working. It's not an excuse, I just can't leave my post. My mom advised me to find a night Sunday service. Now I am still trying to figure out whether to change my church to other church that can apply with the time I have after work. But then, that can only happen when I got my license, cause I would need a transport.

I did got sick last week, which was most horrible things that happened for this month. I had soar throat, flu(cold), and diarrhea(For a day only). But I got better now :D

My parents went holiday to China today. Their going out for 2 weeks! So, now I am left with their jobs and I got their responsibility. Which mean I had to work 7 hours at salon. And another 4 hours at my dad's office. I had to deal with my mom's customer, and also my dad's customer. And it's gonna be really busy for coming 2 weeks! And I am incharge in making sure everything goes well when they come back.

A lot of things happened so fast, and I really can't cope and bother to remember it. Cause some part of it ain't that important to be left in my brain. SO, that's should be about today's post.

Take care everybody! Bye

Felt like I got Ran over by a herd of Elephants.

It also felt like I got shot by the gun in the chest. The pain were unbearable and I just want to end my life that moment, but then, I can't.

"If today got time, ask dad bring u go public or uob bank make u a debit card. because i just know maybank n alliance cant use is paypal. i cant go because i got work n sat n sun bank is close." - her

- I called her and asked her why I need to go to the bank and make a debit card, and she told me so..

"If your pay out lend me some invest Neo. Neo 1 mins pay out only" - her

"But I need to get my 550 back first, ada baki then give you invest, but what's in for me if I borrow?" - me

"No need la. U r so stupid. U wan me to wait another half year for that Nvm. I don need ur help" - her

"Ok" - me

- Told mommy and daddy that she wanted me to lend her some money.

"Who ask u tell dad ha? Do u wan to make me tell dad how u use ur 500?" - her

- I looked for my dad, and asked what he did. I was very mad at him for telling her what I said. Dad said sorry to me, but it was too late I told him. (I wept)

"I just mentioned to them that you want to borrow my money. That's all. Daddy call you, I oso don't know,, If you want to tell than tell la. Already so long liao that money.. All you want to see is me getting scold." - me

"Ya. U oso want to see me getting scold ma. If not y did u tell them I wan to borrow ur money huh. U think im stupid. I'm telling u now, i'm just did what u did to me. U n me no more relationship. U bitch" -her

"I swear I never said anything bad things at your back. You always buaya, not just me who said that, mummy oso thinks so. I don't want to keep talking all the crap you did. But the fact is, you borrow my money and said you going to pay me back. But in the end you ask me to get it back from daddy. I ask you to remind him to pay me back. Then you act as if I grab it from you"
"Did I paksa you to pay back? You sendiri pay me bacl. Why the heck I want to see you get scold. You think that's fun. In the end who are the one's yg get hurt?
"It all started because I borrow you and you didn't pay me back even though you get your salary. You're expecting daddy to pay me. You think that's nice ah? Bull shit. You got no self responsibility.. No gratitude.. No self control in spending."
- me

"Shut the fuck up. Since the day u took my 200 I already dont admit u as my blood related family. Ur in my hate from that day until forever. That money I just press from atm and 1 hour later, u just took it away from me. I promise myself i will not help i anything n will not share anything with u anymore from that day." - her

*I wanted to continue... But the best was just listen to her, and shut the fuck up... Things won't get any better if I continue the phone SMS. What did I ever did wrong! Some one tell me please!

PS: I did not took her 200. It was mine which I borrowed to her around 1 and a half month ago. Bull shit bull shit!!....

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